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  1. I agree that we English should have our own National Anthem, I too feel embarrassed that we have the British Anthem foisted on us at international events, time for a change. We should also fly our St George’s Cross other than in support for England when they play Football.

    • Peter Bulcock says:

      I totally agree!!!
      England should have its own National Anthem on occasions it is representing ENGLAND and NOT the UK in general.
      God Save the Queen should be for occasions relating to the UK only.
      The most relevant and suitable English Anthem would be Land of Hope and Glory.

      • Theresa C Gallier says:

        I’m not english (british) but I have a son and grand daughter who are so! I love England, your Queen, and I felt I should say something about your comments that I agree with him.

  2. Peter Bulcock says:

    How disapointing!!! Whose decision was it to change the English National Anthem?????
    I have just watched the chosen ‘National Anthem’ being played. The length of time it took is not only embarrassing but I just cannot see what ‘Jerusalem’ has relevance England!
    The TV presenters also commented on this and were even apologetic about the length of time it took to play. They also stated that the anthem was changed because there was a ballot on the choice. Now one as far as I know has ever heard of a ballot on this and if there was I would certainly have voted!!
    It turns out that there were 1900 votes is total!!!! hardly a representative proportion of the country of which only half of those voted for ‘Jerusalem’!!
    So on the strength of about a 1000 people the national anthem has been changed from what it has been for as long as I can remember it being, Land of Hope and Glory.
    I feel that Land of Hope and Glory should be the national anthem of ENGLAND – just as all the other countries of the UK have their own. God Save the Queen should only be used when it is played to represent ALL the UK.
    Land of Hope and Glory is far more relevant, more uplifting, SHORTER, and MOST PEOPLE KNOW IT!!

    • NIGEL MURRAY says:

      The point about “Jerusalem” is surely that the tune is beautiful. The composer was Sir Hubert Parry, who was a true blue Englishman I believe. I am presently writing new words to go with the tune. I believe it would be fitting to put these out on social media so people can get a sense of how the anthem would sound. The idea could then be binned, changed or compared with others so that the final anthem would be arrived at through a truly democratic process.

      • NIGEL MURRAY says:

        To the tune of JERUSALEM

        “This is our song, our melody proud,

        Sung of all England’s days and nights,

        From darkest dawn to brightest day

        That stirs us up on lifted wings.

        A mother’s voice, that carries true,

        From every home, and street and ship,

        It reaches hearts, and heads and lives,

        The sterling sound that is our home.”

        • Simon Reeves says:

          Sorry, but that is utterly awful. About as rousing as a cold bowl of porridge.

          • NIGEL MURRAY says:

            Thanks, Simon Reeves.

            All I am seeing is people wanting a proper English National Anthem and mostly liking the tunes being considered but complaining about the words. We are not stuck with the words, so write new ones. Yes, you, Simon Reeves – write new words and put them up for us to judge, the way I did.

        • Nation states. says:

          Jerusalem is a terrible choice. I think it would be silly not to choose “There’ll always be an England.” I suppose. Land of hope and glory I could deal with. But yeah,”There’ll always be an England” obviously. Not only does the very title immortalise our country its one of those songs you can really shout out and feel proud about you know, it actually makes me feel proud to live in my LAND not even just the system. Amazing peice of music. It makes me feel very proud to be an Englishmen. I think about the wars against the gerries and the gals singing this that got us through it and I think yeah, I truely am the luckiest on the planet by accident of where I was born. There’ll always be an England and England shall be free. ‘Nuf said.

  3. James says:

    I agree thatengland needs our own anthem, however, I was amazed when Jerusalem was used at the Commonwealth Games in Deli. I do not think a song like that is suitable for our National Anthem. I think the subject should be more publicised so that one gets a wider view of English peoples Views. We should not have to find out by accident.

    • john dunbar says:

      Jerusalem should definately not be used as a british anthem as its sends a mesage we are not british but have middle east affiliations

      • Daniel Hayes says:

        Just for the sake of correcting ignorance, ‘Jerusalem’ does not refer to the literal city of Jerusalem in the Middle East but rather the notion of a perfect Christian society.

        Both Jerusalem and Land of Hope and Glory are great anthems, but it needs to be noted that only the former refers to England, the latter is about the British Empire.

        • TerribleGit says:

          Jerusalem is a metaphor, clearly.

        • Hugo says:

          Also, we are not a “perfect Christian society”. We are a proud multicutural, multifaith (including those of no ‘faith’) society and to have a song about God or Jesus simply doesn’t fit with that.

  4. Andrew says:

    I am extremely proud to be British as consider it my nationality but i am proud to be English and to have Scottish roots. I become enraged when people refer to Britain as England as it demeans every part of this fine United Kingdom. No wonder so many want devolution. The playing of the British anthem for ENGLAND and N. IRELAND just adds insult to injury! I am always proud to sing God Save the Queen because I am British; not English. England has been hard done by as part of the United Kingdom. I am a devout Unionist but England needs to be English AS WELL AS British.

  5. Maria says:

    All those who think Jerusalem is not about England should listern to the lyrics. They will then realize that it is infact a perfect choice for an anthem.

    • Nick says:


      Absolutely right! The lyrics not only clearly refer to England, but also what the heritage of this country is i.e. Christianity! Time everyone understood where England stands; Anglo-Saxon in origin with Christianity at its core.

      Perhaps then politicians will understand the need to maintain standards consistent with our heritage.

      • Richard shilston says:

        Anglo-Saxon in origin!!!! You need to check your history there are more people of Celtic decent in England than anything especially in the southwest. We’re more Gaelic than the French!!! As for Jerusalem you can ram it!! We need a more rousing song like the welsh and preferable sang in our native tongue like them but I think that’s a bit too far for most.

        • Jon says:

          They actually established that there is no Celtic race. The White people of the surrounding areas of Britain are infact more diverse then those in most of the centre. But that is just science.

          England deserves an anthem just as it deserves a parliament

  6. Nick Jenkins says:

    I totally agree that England should have its own national anthem and it should be Jerusalem. I think it is unquestionable of its relevance to England. However, it should be shortened to one verse for international events..

  7. Keith says:

    I propose Rose Of England as the English national anthem for the following reasons:
    It is purely English.
    It is very easy to sing.
    It doesn’t offend or make reference to any other nation or place.
    It doesn’t have religious connotations.
    It is perfectly suited to mass singing at sports occasions.
    It’s a good, stirring and relatively contemporary song.

    • Robin Davies says:

      I’m delighted that Novello’s magnifiently patriotic song ‘Rose Of England’ has been suggested, but amazed to find that it was not included in your 2007 survey. Popular during World War 2, it has sadly been forgotten along with the rest of Ivor Novello’s great music. OK, it was written by a Welshman, but it was the Welshman who wrote ‘Keep The Home Fires Burning’, arguably the most reassuring and popular song of World War 1. A man who, in the 1940s, had multiple musicals running concurrently in the West End, in the same way that Andrew Lloyd Webber has done more recently. ‘Rose of England’ has an almost entirely secular lyric well suited to our multi-cultural society. The words need a little updating, perhaps, but doubtess a lyricist with the skill of, say, Don Black, could do that. The melody is much better than the recordings that exist of it: Vera Lynn’s version misses out the verse entirely, Ivor Emmanuel never qute picks up the uplifting rhythm, and the original cast recording of the show from which it came, Crest Of the Wave, is, well, just old. What is needed is a new recording by a popular artist backed by a frontline choir and a top orchestra. Let’s hope this can be done. Anyone who enjoys ‘A Song Of Patriotic Prejudice’ and remembers Michael Flanders’ public debunking of ‘Jersusalem’ would welcome a viable alternative, and Rose Of England is it!

  8. andrew hogg says:

    why cant it be made clear that you should have an anthem insead of the 1 everyone uses does that mean your nopt willing ? yes you do lets try

  9. andrew hogg says:

    whats wrong is it just me thatthinks god save the queen is english blodduy hell we do need a rescue please ?

  10. claire says:

    Jerusalem of course! Will make people think about the Middle East? What are you on about! The words are by one of England´s greatest poets, William Blake about creating a paradise on earth in England.

    I will not cease from mental fight
    Nor shall my sword sleep in my hand
    Till we have built Jerusakem
    iIn Engkand´s green and pleasant land

    Uplifting, beautiful, moving and English.

    Sadly most English people haven´t got a clue about their own history or culture and that´s why the rest of the world thinks that English culture is boozing and Eastenders. :(

  11. claire says:

    John – we do have Middle Eastern affiliations… England is (nominally) a Christian country, where do you think our so called Judeo Christian value system came from??

    Jerusalem refers to the ENGLISH myth in Somerset and Cornwall that Jesus came to England to found Christianity there 2000 years ago….

  12. Jim says:

    For me the best tune for England would be Jupiter from Holst’s Planet Suite. The part at 3min 15sec is wonderfully stirring.

    • RikTrik says:

      Jim, would you be meaning “I Vow To Thee Thy Country”? Which is used in Holst’s suite “The Planets”, Jupiter Bringer of Jollity.

  13. Mardyfella says:

    As a proud Englishman and a republican I can’t sing God Save the Queen. As a proud Englishman and an atheist I couldn’t sing Jerusalem. I would vote for a new song.

  14. Peter Bulcock says:

    All I have heard is about the RESULTS of polls!!! where are the opportunities of actually voting!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Peter Bulcock says:

    I am Christian – and proud of it! but it must be remembered that the UK and ENGLAND are strongly a cosmopolitan country and must have a National Anthem that embraces ALL factions. A national anthem does not need to have religious overtones – and in fact should not!
    ‘Jerusalem’ is totally inadequate as a national anthem! – the words are wonderful but the meaning is too deep! what the world sees and hears is ‘Jerusalem’ – what do they think? what has Jerusalem got to do with England?
    The perfect nation anthem without any question is ‘Land of Hope and Glory’ – it appeals to everyone who is English, regardless of their religious belief, it is uplifting, which essentially what it is all about!! and above all It is composed by one of Britains greatest composers – Edward Elgar

  16. john says:

    I can not believe that the vote has been agreed by so few people in England. The government has to get involved in such a serious matter. It sounds like a Jewish lobby which we are all weary about. Keep it English

  17. iany says:

    I’m an atheist and have no middle east connections but I recognise Jerusalem is an allegorical poetic expression and if anything is about striving to build heaven on earth and not waiting for mythical afterlife to better yourself.

    God Save the Queen must be the dullest and toe curling anthem ever written.

  18. Lemmi says:

    Why do we need words. My suggestion would be Elgar’s Nimrod or at least a section. It is very emotional and invokes much about England

  19. harry l says:

    are we 2nd or 3rd class citizens in the union. england has a right to be seen and heard in its own right. there should be a human rights issue.where others in the union have their own played sung qand england is enforced to god save the queen for all who have no loyalty to royalty and all who are not christians or are atheists its an affront to them. all good english people

  20. Chris says:

    Either Land of Hope and Glory or Jerusalem for definite- Is anything going to be done about this or not?? I mean its all very well having polls and finding out what the public opinion is but whats the next step in actuallty getting it changed?

  21. Claude Balls says:

    God Save the Queen is a terrible piece of music with dreadful lyrics which are centuries out of date. But for Christ’s sake don’t let the Great English Public decide on a replacement. These morons would pick Rule Brittania or Land of Hope and Glory, which are even more dire shite than GSTQ!
    It’s got to be Jerusalem. I Vow to Thee My Country’s first 2 verses are outdated and militaristic, but it’s a great tune.
    How about the theme tune to The Archers – or Vindaloo if you want to sing along?!

  22. Peter B says:

    Sorry Mr Balls – what you said is just a load of b…..s!! You are not related to a member of the previous government are you by any chance?


    I think you are insulting to call the British public morons – the only member of the British public who qualifies to be a moron is YOU!

    Everyone has their own opinion and you should respect it – even though you may not agree – not insult them because you disagree with what they say.

    Personally I feel that Land of Hope and Glory is perfect for our country’s anthem – like it or not we accept everyone in this country to follow their own religious beliefs – therefore it must be an anthem that can be accepted by ALL of our athletes and sportsmen and women – many of whom are not only national heroes but are also muslims, buddhists, even atheists!!

    I am Christian and object to many of the things that we have been made to accept that is contrary to our Christian beliefs- mainly as a result from interference from the EU – but in this case our N.A. definitly should NOT have religious overtones!!

    Being a Christian country does not make it imperative that the N.A. should have religious significance. The Welsh and Scottish accept this why cant we English?

  23. Charles Cooper says:

    I can’t believe Rose of England as not been mentioned.
    The English Tudor Rose is our National Flower, Rose of England must be sang

  24. David T. says:

    I searched for this subject on the internet after reading about how the Scottish women in the Olympic football team apparently did not sing God Save the Queen. We certainly need either a proper English National Anthem or change the British version. And why does “harry/” claim the English are being short changed? I would have thought it is the other nations of GB and Northern Ireland who have been forced to accept England’s anthem as theirs. Certainly time for an English anthem and Jerusalem is just beautiful.

  25. James Craig says:

    The Olympic Games made it even more noticable that our current National Anthem is totally outdated. Here was a whole nation pulling together and to celebrate their success we have a sychophantic dirge to one individual. A National Anthem should surely encompass all it’s citezens, not just one!! The tune is not even original, it’s called America and is used by at least one other country. What could be more appropriate or inspiring than Elgar’s Land of Hope and Glory. Let’s Do it Now

  26. James Craig says:

    In Addition: When so many people would prefer Land of Hope and Glory or Jerusalem – why is there not more impetus for change?

  27. Philip A says:

    Jerusalem? What a poor scraping of the barrel. A backward looking hymn in a country that is leading the world toward non-belief. A song about a bloke who probably didn’t exist, a song to which even fewer people know the words than God Save the Cream, and most important, about as inspiring as processed cheese.

  28. RikTrik says:

    My personal favourites are either “Land of Hope and Glory” or “I Vow to Thee Thy Country” but anything’s got to be better than “God Save the Queen” as I believe a national anthem should be about the nation and its people and not just about one person who sits on a throne and wears a crown.

  29. John B says:

    England definitely needs it own anthem for many reasons, for a multicultural/ secular society singing a song about a fictional super being saving a person we hardly know seems utterly ridiculous in this day and age, if you are an atheist the words might as well be “Santa save our gracious Queen” it has the same amount of meaning, no wonder our sports stars find it embarrassing to sing. The other reason is, it is so dour, my choice would be” Lets go fly a kite” from Mary Poppins with some different words of course, you try singing it loud with out feeling uplifted!!

  30. Jesus says:

    Are you all mental?? It obviously has to be Tainted Love. The English Marc Almond version , not Gloria Jones. Touch me baby , tainted love , OoOohOwhO tainted love. Even the mumbling footballers would sing along . Dont touch me please , I cannot stand the way you tease. Perfect.

  31. Andrew marks says:

    Most patriotic song of 1980s that could be used as an anthem for England
    England belongs to me by cock sparrer

  32. Crystal says:

    I am Welsh and an avid viewer of the Six Nations Rugby matches. For as long as I can remember, however, I have been unable to understand (and have remarked to whoever is watching with me) why England teams continue to sing the British National Anthem rather than something that demonstrates Englishness eg Jerusalem (which makes many mentions of England) or even Land of Hope and Glory. I have been prompted to post this now after listening to the ‘English’ national anthem yet again prior to their match against Ireland!

  33. Keith Kelly says:

    I frequently support the England Rugby team and to be honest I am absolutely sick to death of singing God Save The Queen at these matches.
    I feel it is quite bigoted of the English to sing an anthem which, quite clearly, is not theirs.
    Don’t get me wrong, I’m as British as any Englishman you may find, and when Team GB are playing a sport God Save The Queen should be sung, BUT NOT AT ENGLAND MATCHES!
    Jerusalem is my choice and, God willing, I will sing it at Twickenham in the not too distant future.
    If all supporters got together we could just sing it over the music of the GB anthem! How good would that be!!!

  34. Sebastian Zaleski says:

    Just watching ENGLAND play Netherlands in the Hockey final and yet again the wrong anthem has been played for England. Yes, that dull, toe-curling one as previously mentioned above.

    But more than that, of course, it is WRONG. It was England, not Britain, so why God Save The Queen?? Drives me insane.

    This is NOT about supporting the EDF or being right-wing – I vote Labour. This is about RIGHT and WRONG… and the pomposity of the administrators that England is somehow the same as Britain. It’s embarrassing.

    When are we going to get a referendum on this? Where is this campaign going? Why do I not hear more about this in the media?


    • Matt H says:

      I feel the frustration that seems to be rife on this site and I’m sure there are others, many others, across the country who feel the same. My frustration has only increased since the dreadful events in Paris. Last night we showed what good eggs we all are by attempting the Marseillese at Wembley. Proceedings began however, with what sounded to me like a rather meek rendition of GSTQ, which a was only highlighted in its staid pomposity by the stirring French anthem and it’s timely call to arms against the powers of tyranny. The recent RFU world cup featured anthems that, from a soul stirring point of view totally exceed our turgid effort. Even the Argentinean anthem was better. In the quarter finals virtually their entire team was in tears, singing the anthem with gusto. English reserve notwithstanding, can you ever see any of our sporting teams being overcome in the face of such grinding dullness as GSTQ? No. Of course not.

      We need an anthem with a tune and sentiment that we can join arms and belt out with pride because it stirs the passionate hearts of all English folk. We’re always hearing about the passion and pride of the plucky Scots, Welsh and Irish. Good for them! But we have passion, pride and history to match them all. How do we make our voices count? Does anyone know another avenue we can try?

  35. Michael Nicholson says:

    It seems that we English a made to feel inferior to the Scots,Welsh, and Irish and it’s like we should not show our national pride in our country, I have nothing against any other nation thier anthems or emblems, but when it’s an English only event it should be an English only anthem and we can be proud in singing it loud, we can still have a BRITISH anthem for BRITISH events and if the rest of the collective union want to boo or not sing that’s their issue but we need our own identity like the 3 lions and the red rose we need our song, I have a 3 lions tattoo on one arm and a red rose on the other I’m English and proud of it, if I have to fill anything out that requires my nationality I always put English I never put British and I never will because first and foremost I’m an Englishman just as much as Scottish people say their Scottish and Welsh say their Welsh I say I’m English
    Jesus was an Englishman and so is God

  36. Sue says:

    Really dont see how a song with the name “Jerusalem” could be an English National Anthem.
    I vow to thee my country means more.

    God Save the Queen should be kept for UK things…..

  37. Denise says:

    Yes we should definitely have ‘Land of Hope and Glory’ as our national anthem; that actually makes me proud to be British! Not saving the queen!

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  39. Warren fyfe says:

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  41. Chris Palmer says:

    I’m not an Englishman, but I live and work in England, and I think Jerusalem is just awesome, the right anthem that sums up England. It gets my vote.

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  47. Hugo says:

    ‘I vow to thee my country’ all the way

    – undoubtedly English
    – suitable for big bands (Rose of England doesn’t exactly fit that bill)
    – no religious text/subtext (as per Land of hope and glory and Jerusalem)
    – most people know it and the tune, at least it is easy to learn
    – actually might make people proud of their country

  48. Josh Bentley says:

    In a need of a few comments and phone interview from anthem4england about the potential change of national anthem. Only go towards uni coursework and phone interview will last five minutes max. Any takers?

  49. H20 says:

    The only English anthem “We are the Champions” and it keeps the Queen in the frame !!

  50. Alessandro Rosini says:

    Keep it the same!!

    God Save Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II by grace of God and all her other realms. Head of the commonwealth, Supreme Governor, Head of the Church of England, a Head of state, the empress of India, and the Defender of faith, God Save her and long may she continue to reign.

    God save the Queen! God Save the Queen! God save the Queen!

    • Mrs. P. Sutton Edwards says:

      Mr. Rosini,
      Times have changed since the present National Anthem was written.
      We need a change. Something that reflects how we feel about ‘the country’ that we all live in, work for and pay for.
      I vote for “I vow for thee my country” ….. even the Queen can sing along to this one” the words of which say much the same as the vow she made at her coronation to ‘serve the country and its people’.
      In may ways “time for a change” and that includes a Republic and we can ALL call our own. Certainly it is time to change the request to God to “Save the Queen” ….. she has had her turn, now it is the turn of the people.

  51. Matthew says:

    Edward Elgar’s Nimrod.

  52. Mrs. P. Sutton Edwards says:

    Perhaps it is about time you reinstated this site – this is dated 2007
    that is ten years ago. Give it another try and I think you will be surprised at the result.
    I vote for “I vow to thee my country”.

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