Response from Daniel Kawczynski MP

I am pleased to hear of your campaign for a national anthem, and have taken the opportunity to look through your website. My own interest came from my constituents in Shrewsbury, Shropshire. Here being so close to Wales, there is often a feeling that they loose out compared to their fellow Brits across the border in Wales.

I have been petitioned many times, and with the debate over English Votes on English matters raging, thought I would add to the call for a separate English anthem in the way we politicians can. My choice of Jerusalem comes from conversations with constituents, and my own personal opinion. There are of course other songs, ‘I vow to thee my country’, and ‘Land of Hope and Glory’. But Jerusalem to me is the most appropriate for an English national anthem (despite its religious overtones).

I am unsure as to why it has been unsupported; I thought I would at least have greater support than has been forthcoming. Perhaps you could encourage people through your website to ask their MPs to sign.

Yours Sincerely,

Daniel Kawczynski MP

I contacted Hugo Swire MP to ask why he had not signed Daniel’s EDM. This was his reply:

As Shadow Secretary of State I only sign EDMs on the approved Conservative Party list. I am afraid EDM 2791 is not included, so I am unable to sign it.

Email now winging its way to the Conservative Party HQ to find out why they do not approve of this motion.

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