Jon Cruddas comes out in favour of Jerusalem

Jon Cruddas, champion of the Labour left, has written in support of Jerusalem as England’s national anthem in today’s New Statesman:

Labour has attempted to tackle the question of national identity before. In 1995 Blair described living in “a new age but in an old country”. Then, in 1997, the opportunist branding exercise of “Cool Britannia” took hold. In Brown’s jaded administrative appeal to Britishness a decade later, the search for an overarching national story reappeared. These were all elite expressions of nationhood concocted in Westminster. This time, Labour has to go to the streets. Let’s debate the idea of an English parliament in, say, York. Why not have elected mayors and parliaments in our major cities and give them back their civic identity and vitality? We are a footballing nation – let’s elect the manager of our national team. Then Labour could campaign for a new national anthem – “Jerusalem” – and allow the English to stand tall again.

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  1. Lord Lindley says:

    This really takes the biscuit, a Labour leftie voting for Jerusalem as national anthem of England. The very party who wanted rid of England into stupid EU regions, allowed as many muslim immigrants as they could into the country and now wants the ‘Crusade’ song to be a national anthem. They really will try anything! or is this just a sneaky way to try and remove our Queen, bit by bit.

    • What a stupid comment! Only a Muppet/Royalist would come out with crap like you have.

      He is simply reiterating what all English people are thinknig… Why the hell haven’t any England sports team got their own National Anthem when every other bloody nation has?

      Come on England!

  2. What is wrong with the RFU? What a pathetic excuse to continue with God Save the Queen as the English teams Anthem… The Royal Family are patrons! True Grit the Bulldog says “Give the England Team their own Anthem because then the players and the fans and even the Royal patrons will sing it with pride!”

  3. Annabella says:

    GSTQ is the British national anthem. The English one should be Jerusalem.

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