Fury as Scots and Welsh refuse to sing the “English national anthem”

Given that anthem4england and others have repeatedly warned of the consequences of having the same national anthem for England and Britain, it’s rather amusing to read of the ‘fury’ when non-English Olympians fail to sing God Save the Queen.

Why should they sing something that they regard as the English national anthem (and with some justification); do we ask English Olympians to sing Flower of Scotland or Land of My Fathers?

Rather predictably it was the Daily Mail that was most outraged.

Mail: Fury as Welsh and Scots snub National Anthem: Captain Giggs stayed silent for God Save The Queen
Mail: Team GB out of tune: Stars snub the National Anthem, then let victory slip

The Early Doors blog provides a rational (non-Daily Mail) perspective (my bold):

1-Singing the national anthem is, and always has been, optional.

2-Singing the national anthem is not a barometer of how much you love your country.

3-How much you love your country is not a barometer of how good you are at sport.

4-One of the things that makes Britain semi-decent is the element of personal freedom. Countries that force people to sing national anthems? Not so free.

5-Olympic athletes are sportsmen, not singers. Their focus should be on performance, not fake displays of patriotism for the benefit of the press.

6-In football terms, God Save The Queen is the English anthem, Land Of Our Fathers is the Welsh one. ED can understand Welsh players not singing the anthem associated with England. Not because they hate the Queen, but because it would feel a bit weird.

7-There was no show of disrespect. The players stood to attention, and didn’t in any way muck about.

8-Hardly anyone was offended by the non-sing, and those that were should have their opinions instantly disregarded as moronic.

Anthem4england endorses the sentiments of Early Doors, but with an addendum to point 6 to state that England and Britain should have different national anthems.

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  1. Darren Richardson says:

    I don’t blame them. I will never sing it. I don’t believe in god and disagree with Monarchy as a system. I hope to see England free of the uk and thrive as an independent nation with our own national anthem. Maybe a dream but you never know.

    • David Kelly says:

      I can’t stand GSTQ either. The words were probably fine in the 18th century, when we were expected to scrape and bow to the monarch, but in the 21st century? Please, give me a break. As for the miserable ‘tune’, the ‘writer’ must have hated humanity, if he imposed that on us. Somebody could have destroyed the manuscript and done us all a favour. Whenever there’s an England football game on TV, I switch on a minute or so into the game, just to avoid that assault on my ears. Yes, I could use the mute on my remote, but just seeing the line of players reminds me what’s happening.

  2. Chris says:

    God Save the Queen is ‘The British National Anthem’, so really everyone should have sang alone as it’s a British team. But God save the Queen isn NOT England’s, Scotland’s, Northern Ireland’s or Wales’s Nation anthem on it own.

    • Irene says:

      Totally agree with you Chris, GSTQ is the British national anthem, which is why the Scots and Welsh should have sung it. However i agree that England deserves its own national anthem too.

      • Colin Lynch says:

        Why on earth should the Scots sing it when it talks of Scots for to crush.
        They should be active in decrying it booing it or whatever else shows their disrespect!

  3. Rancher says:

    The proper words to the tune of “God save the queen”:

    My country, ’tis of thee,
    Sweet land of liberty,
    Of thee I sing;
    Land where my fathers died,
    Land of the pilgrims’ pride,
    From ev’ry mountainside
    Let freedom ring!
    My native country, thee,
    Land of the noble free,
    Thy name I love;
    I love thy rocks and rills,
    Thy woods and templed hills;
    My heart with rapture thrills,
    Like that above.
    Let music swell the breeze,
    And ring from all the trees
    Sweet freedom’s song;
    Let mortal tongues awake;
    Let all that breathe partake;
    Let rocks their silence break,
    The sound prolong.
    Our fathers’ God to Thee,
    Author of liberty,
    To Thee we sing.
    Long may our land be bright,
    With freedom’s holy light,
    Protect us by Thy might,
    Great God our King.

    This alone should be reason enough not only to jettison “God save the queen” as an English national anthem, but one for the United Kingdom as well.

    If you need another reason, consider that “God save the queen,” even as a national anthem for the UK, will never, ever be accepted in Scotland. It’s anti-Jacobite, and there is no way they SNP and other Scottish nationalists will accept it.

    • Colin Lynch says:

      Since when have these been the proper words? Never heard them in my life. I’m thinking the English are at it again, changing the goal posts to suit themselves :D

  4. While I am a monarchist I have long felt that “Land of Hope & Glory” is best for rugby internationals etc. It is much more rousing and has no complications like GSTQ can produce. You can often see players either not singing an anthem because they have a problem with it or only half-heartedly.
    May I suggest that “Jerusalem” be an option for more formal or solemn occasions? As many others correctly say, the Scots have theirs (which seems to me to be a dirge of hate for the English) and the Welsh (I have never seen a Welsh rugby player not singing lustily ) so it is discriminatory not to allow the English to have one. If rugby players of non-English origins want to demonstrate their affinity with the country of their adoption then why would LOHG be a problem?
    Lastly, there is a very simple solution to fact that the RFU have declined to adopt a new anthem: as the band starts up the spectators can sing the alternative LOHG over the top and very soon RFU will have to admit defeat. That would be a truly democratic result and there is not a thing the RFU or politicians can do about it.?

    • Bob McMahon says:

      You might not realise, but LOHG is about the British empire. It is definitely not specifically English, and an English, rather than British and/or imperialist, anthem is what we need.

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