A Newly Commissioned Anthem

There are people that would prefer the Government to commission a new anthem for England, an anthem that would better represent the multi-faith and multi-ethnic England that we live in today.

But there are obvious questions that need to be asked:

    • Who would be commissioned (Billy Bragg, Elton John, Paul McCartney, Victoria Beckham)?
      Would it be chosen by popular vote – Pop Idol style – or by a ‘panel of experts’?
      Could the UK Government be trusted with the task of commissioning an anthem for England?
      Would an anthem chosen today stand the test of time or would we be better picking one with proven longevity?
  • The people at Anthem for England have recorded a modern anthem for England. You can listen to the song by downloading it from their website.

    England England land of mine
    we’ve defended her through time
    justice freedom loyalty
    our childrens future lies with thee.

    England England proud and strong
    it’s our home where we belong
    England England fills your heart with pride
    god protects our England no-one can divide.

    Child of England help us grow
    life and honour we’ll bestow
    joined together hand in hand
    for England’s green and pleasant land

    Other recent efforts include England (With One Voice) by Time Hunter, Made in England by Sam Dunkley and Golden Day by Chew Valley Choir.

    Random Quote

    God Save The Queen is the national anthem of the United Kingdom, it’s not the national anthem of any of the individual countries. Scotland and Wales have their own national anthems and you can hear them before international matches.

    — Mike Watson MSP

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